Urban Turf
August 26, 2019

As UrbanTurf continues to keep an eye on the accessory dwelling market in DC, today we highlight a plan to retrofit a detached garage in Logan Circle to add an accessory apartment.

The owner of the home at 1436 S Street NW (map) has filed a zoning application to add one story to the detached garage on the site in order to create a one-bedroom duplex accessory apartment. The ground floor would house an open kitchen/living room and a powder room, as well as interior access to the existing garage parking space. The application describes the 515 square-foot accessory apartment as “a second principal dwelling unit”. 

The garage has an 843 square-foot footprint, greater than the typical maximum footprint of 450 square feet. Because the existing structure is non-conforming, the application is requesting a special exception to further the non-conforming status of the property. With the new story, the building will rise to just below 20 feet tall. Trout Design is the architect. 

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