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Private Residence, Washington, DC
This single family detached home on a prominent corner lot property in one of Washington's finest Historic Districts offered a wonderful urban project site with natural light on 4 sides, a departure from the railroad configuration of typical urban row dwellings with light in the front and rear rooms only.
Swann Street, Washington, DC
This project's goal was to expand the outdoor space of a classic row house in the heart of the Dupont Circle Historic District.
Perry-Dellinger Residence, Washington, DC
This modern home addition to this lovely home on one of Washington's most picturesque streets adjacent to the national park overlooking the Potomac river, was inspired by the simple need for a larger kitchen, better internal circulation and to better utilize existing "left over" and under utilized spaces throughout the home.
Nelson-Runyan Residence, Washington, DC
This modest but extraordinary kitchen renovation combined 3 separate spaces in a Historic rowhouse in downtown Washington, D.C. We removed all of the existing floors, walls and ceilings, installing steel beams and columns to support the existing upper floor bearing walls and the rear masonry wall of the house to create a clean slate on which a modern, open plan kitchen-dining-sunroom space was created.
Portnoy Residence, Washington, DC
This basement renovation transformed a claustrophobic warren of 6 rooms into an expansive open family room with added guest suite-bedroom, full bath with marble tiled walls and floor, and a laundry room.
Below Grade Garage, Private Residence, Washington, DC
This single family attached home on a modest property in one of Washington's finest Historic Districts offered a unique and challenging opportunity for us, to leave the existing single car garage in place and add a new 2 car plus garage on a site with a small, elevated rear yard, historic stone retaining walls and a difficult access rear alley AND maintain some play space for the family dog and 2 small children.
Kam Residence, Washington, DC
The project scope initially included the replacing of an existing step-up kitchen with a ground-level kitchen and an improvement in storage in adjacent spaces. Because of the opportunities discovered in the demolition phase of the work, the kitchen was replaced, the adjacent living room area was enlarged, the existing strip oak floors were removed and replaced and the master bedroom suite was reconfigured to add a walk-in closet and new high efficiency heating and air conditioning system for the apartment.
Smith-Voles Residence, Drummond, MD
This new garage and porch addition to one of the oldest existing farm houses in the historic village of Drummond, Chevy Chase, Maryland, blends new technology and style with the old world charm and detailing of the existing farmhouse.
Wang-Selig Residence, Washington, DC
This set of additions to a modest brick colonial nearly doubled the size of the existing structure while minimizing the visual impact on the house massing and the neighborhood.
Walseman-O'Brien Residence, Arlington, VA
In this, the latest of 3 projects we have done for the client, we were asked to "Fix" the tiny kitchen, add a master bedroom suite and new rear deck onto this modest, military "salt box" residence, without changing the overall character of the house in it's context of like houses. The addition had to be modest in appearance and scale, so as not to change the character of the house in the streetscape, yet we needed to add a large program to the property, "spruce up" the house and give it a fresh new look.
Milbauer Residence
1540 T Street, NW, Washington, DC
2003 Kalorama Road, NW, Washington, DC
1744 Willard Street, NW, Washington, DC
Louis Residence, Washington, DC
Hampe Residence, Washington, DC
Church Street Deck, Washington, DC
Symbral Farm, Church Hill, MD
ASA Cline House, Yellow Spring, WV
1420 T Street NW, Washington, DC
The Logan Condos, Washington, DC