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PRIVATE Residence, Washington, DC

This single family detached home on a prominent corner lot property in one of Washington's finest Historic Districts offered a wonderful urban project site with natural light on 4 sides, a departure from the railroad configuration of typical urban row dwellings with light in the front and rear rooms only. We captured the available natural light enhancing it throughout as a day lighting source for each room, eliminating the need for artificial lighting most times of the day.

A new kitchen-breakfast suite was created by combining 5 small rooms, removing all the interior walls, adding a modest amount of square footage and weaving in an extraordinary steel superstructure, we doubling the interior kitchen space and created a new kitchen where the family celebrates cooking, sharing meals and recounting the days events together. Further expanding the kitchen space, by extending an existing covered porch and screening the newly doubled exterior space, we physically connected the new kitchen and enlarged screen porches with a 10 foot wide folding NANA wall door assembly to further enlarge the family living space during temperate months, creating an indoor-outdoor family space which has become the center of family life in the home. At the first floor we also created a new kitchen vestibule and powder room as a transition space between the new kitchen suite and the old house, we created a new second floor bath and added a laundry, garage and utility/storage at the ground level, all connected by a new naturally lit wood staircase.

Entry to the new kitchen suite from the outside was developed by reconfiguration of an existing historic side porch into a new mud room/coat room with nearly 15 feet of closet and coat hanging space.

The property was entirely re-landscaped by Dianne Seiffert who's loving hand and extraordinary sensitivity to context and the living environment salvaged the overgrown and waterlogged site into a serine and beautiful complement to our Architectural design work here.

Photographer: Andy Ramirez