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CORMIER Residence,
Washington, DC

This kitchen renovation was conceived to create an expansive open plan kitchen for this active family in a modest city bungalow. By removing all the interior house walls around 3 rooms comprising the old kitchen and the dining room, we transformed a small rabbit warren of rooms into an open, viable, working interior space. With ample seating space, commercial grade appliances and upper island cabinets with art glass doors on each side, the first floor of this once dark city residence was transformed into a light filled open plan bungalow where the family can gather, cook together, eat and share their active lives, unencumbered.

We separated the main cooking "aisle" from a "passage aisle" where stools pull up to a wet bar and beverage refrigerator so major cooking projects can happen with-out danger of young ones darting in and out.. The passage aisle parallels the cooking aisle and connects the formal dining room with the family media room on the far side of the kitchen. There is also a computerized "command center" on this passage aisle where mail is processed, a computer provides world wide access and the household is organized. Art glass upper cabinets over the generous Island allow light to pass thru making them feel lighter and more open while providing ample storage for glassware, decorative pottery and everyday dishes.